4 rules to generate more traffic to your website more leads to your business?

1. Give visitors a clear idea of what you want them to do, in other words, a strong call to action is a must that leads straight to “Subscribe Now” if you’re trying to attract more email newsletter subscribers or “Add to Cart” if you want them to buy something. Place the call at or near the top of the page. Whatever it is, it has to be prominent and easy to follow if it is going to bring in new leads.
2. Keep lead generating pages simple and make sure they work every time someone clicks it. Stick with a very simple design that has the minimal graphics and fields. Put the most important information in front of the visitor’s eyes do never try to distract him. If you include a contact form just ask for the inquiries you need to follow up. If it takes too long to complete, visitors may abandon the task and move on to another site.
3. Make a good first impression and remember that you only have a few seconds to convert a site visitor into a customer. Content is a king so mirror your market’s tone and style, edit and proofread your work before publishing, or hire someone to do it for you in order to attract visitors, engage them with the company and, as a result, are more likely to want to learn more.
4. Start with responsive and user-friendly interface design on your website. This will ensure landing pages and contact forms load properly on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. More than 85% are using their mobile devices to shop, read the news and get in contact with service providers. That means you should focus more on mobile version and mobile apps.

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