10 political color to represent different ideology

Political colors are colors used to represent a political ideology, movement or party, either officially or unofficially. Parties in different countries with similar ideologies sometimes use similar colors.

Black is primarily associated with

  • Anarchism, that radically calls for the abolition of the state which holds to be undesirable, unnecessary and harmful
  • Fascism like In Italy, black is the colour of fascism because it was the official colour of the National Fascist Party
  • Jihadism like in the Islamic world, black flags with a white “shahadah” are sometimes used by jihadist groups.

Blue is usually associated with centre-right or conservative parties;

Grey is used

  • by parties that represent the interests of pensioners and senior citizens, such as “The Greys” in Germany.
  • to refer to reactionary independence or secessionist movements, due to its association with the Confederate States of America.
  • to represent independent politicians, However, in the UK, white is used to represent independent politicians.

Brown associated with Nazism the National Socialism German Workers party that represent the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party and of other far-right groups with similar ideas and aims. In Europe and elsewhere, the colour brown used to refer to fascists in general.

Green is the colour for both environmentalist and Islamic political parties and movements

Orange is the traditional colour of the Christian democratic political ideology and most Christian democratic political parties

Pink used by social democratic parties that represent a political, social and economic philosophy within socialism that supports political and economic democracy. As a policy regime, it is described by academics as advocating economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and a capitalist-oriented mixed economy. It has also been described as the most common form of Western and modern socialism as well as the reformist wing of democratic socialism such as in France and Portugal.

Red is traditionally associated with socialism and communism

Saffron is traditionally associated with Hinduism, Hindutva and the Hindu nationalist movement

Yellow used to be the color most commonly associated with liberalism and right-libertarianism.
like in Romania (National Liberal Party), the United Kingdom (Liberal Democrats) and the United States (Libertarian Party)

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