3 main side effects of COVID-19 pandemic

The year 2020 is described as the coronavirus pandemic, arguably the most serious pandemic in the industry in a century. This pandemic has brought many changes to people’s lives that can last forever. What are the most important effects of this catastrophe?


  1. Effect of COVID-19 on people mental health

Children and teens are at risk: Children, away from their school, friends, and colleagues, staying at home can have several questions on the natural event and that they look toward their parents or caregivers to induce the answer. Some common changes in children’ behavior are: excessive crying and annoying behavior redoubled sadness, depression, or worry difficulties with concentration and a focus changes in, or avoiding activities that they enjoyed within the past surprising headaches and pain throughout their bodies and  changes in feeding habits.

Elderly people are additional at risk of the COVID‐19 natural event because of each clinical and social reasons like having a weaker system or alternative underlying health conditions and distancing from their families and friends due to their busy schedules.  Physical isolation reception among members of the family can place the old and disabled person at serious mental state risk. It can cause anxiety, distress, and induce a traumatic scenario for them. Old folks depend upon young ones for his or her daily needs, and self-isolation can critically injury a family system. COVID‐19 may lead to magnified stress, anxiety, and depression among elderly people already managing mental health issues. Family members could witness any of the subsequent changes to the behavior of older relatives, Irritating and shouting behavior, modification in their sleeping and uptake habits, and emotional outbursts.


  1. Effect of COVID-19 on people livelihood and lifestyle

The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic has many businesses shut down, the lockdown forced people to stay in their homes, and many were without any income, tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. People are giving up their binary needs, and trying to secure their basics, people are no longer able to lead a luxurious life and have to adopt a policy of rationing.




  1. Effect of COVID-19 on social network

People’ use of social media increased when being isolated from the outside world, they followed these in order to communicate with their families, and many used them to run their businesses from home. The Corona pandemic has isolated people from the outside world and change their daily life, as they become afraid to go away the house, and nowadays, we have a trend to see many folks avoid kissing, even handing over. People’ obsession with cleanliness has increased, washing and sanitizing hands has become a habit. Despite its positive side to social media, it is not barren of negatives, because it pushed folks to isolate themselves from society, that contributed to making a gap between people and led to cases of depression and exhaustion.



How has this pandemic affected your life?

Do you expect this pandemic to last for a long time?

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