7 Important careers that are in demand into 2021

  1. Front electronic commerce (Growth: 73%)


It’s about being a designer who can create creative ads and images to support category campaigns and promotions all year round. The role of the workforce is crucial for any ecommerce business as graphic and web design are fundamental to online marketing. This category shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve started ordering everything from groceries to clothing to furniture online, or read about the many effects the pandemic is having on supply chains across the country and around the world.


  1. Loans and Mortgaging (Growth: 59%)


Approves home loan by reviewing application and supporting documents; Assessment of creditworthiness; Calculation of the repayment risk. Compete with home loans by keeping track of the collection, review, and preparation of home loan documents, planning and completing the mortgage loan completion. The hiring of professionals in the credit and mortgage business rose 59%, which may not be surprising at a time when home sales are booming and interest rates are low.


  1. Professional and Personal Coaching (Growth: 51%)

Life coaches are personal development experts who support clients in self-observation, goal setting and life improvement. Some life coaches focus on career and professional development, while others provide help in interpersonal relationships, spirituality, and emotional health. As a trainer helping companies or individuals, his service is very important in busy times.


  1. Digital Content (Growth: 49%)


As a digital content manager, you are responsible for creating, improving, and maintaining various content that will help your company achieve its goals. Your responsibility is to create high-quality content that can be shared to increase brand awareness and ensure network monitoring. Flow and other metrics to determine best practices. Authors may be familiar with the idea that their work is in high demand, but when live performances, social gatherings, and many other activities are extremely limited, writers and other content creators have jobs, and bloggers to podcasts are on the rise.


  1. Data science (Growth 46%)


Data science is another field that has developed since the pandemic. Given that data is ubiquitous in organizations of all industries and sizes, and it needs to be understood and used to increase productivity, this trend does not seem to slow down.


  1. Digital marketing (Growth: 33%)


Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a type of brand advertising that aims to reach potential customers through the Internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and online advertising, but also text and multimedia information, such as marketing messages. Internet marketers were needed even before the pandemic. Therefore, if you have or can develop digital marketing skills from data analysis to copywriting, you are lucky.


  1. Nursing (Growth 30%)

In view of the global public health crisis, nurses and paramedics working in various environments are in high demand, and recruitment has increased by 30%.

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